Key information

Name SPDR® Long Dollar Gold Trust
Objective Seeks to track the daily performance of a long position in physical gold and a long position in the US Dollar against a basket of non-us currencies, including the EUR, JPY, GPB, CAD, SEK and CHF. The fund holds only physical gold.
Symbol GLDW
Benchmark Solactive GLD® Long USD Gold Index
Initial Pricing Based on the price of 1/10th of an ounce of gold
Total Expense Ratio 0.50%
Minimum Order Size 1 share
Sponsor WGC USA Asset Management Company, LLC (“WGC AM), a registered Commodity Pool Operator
Trustee Delaware Trust Company
Administrator BNY Mellon Asset Servicing
Gold Custodian HSBC
Marketing Agent State Street Global Advisors Funds Distributors, LLC, an affiliate of State Street Global Advisors
Short Sale Eligible Yes
Margin Eligible Yes
Structure Continuously offered, open-ended investment trust
Allocated Gold The Trust’s gold bullion is kept in the form of London Good Delivery bars (~400 oz.) and held in an allocated account
Storage The gold bullion is held by the Custodian, HSBC Bank plc, in its London vault
Currency Overlay The Trust provides a long exposure to both gold and the dollar against a foreign exchange basket comprised of 57.6% EUR, 13.6% JPY, 11.9% GBP, 9.1% CAD, 4.2% SEK, and 3.6% CHF. The Currencies and weights were determined by the U.S. Federal reserve as a measure of the foreign exchange value of the dollar and are static. The currency overlay is settled in physical gold, so the fund holds only physical gold.
Daily Reset The weight of each currency in the foreign exchange basket will be reset on a daily basis to the target weight for that Reference Currency